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The Orpyx SI sensory insoles come with a pair of custom-made insoles, a digital display that is set up and ready to use out of the box, a charger, and the instruction manual. 

Orpyx SI sensory insoles provide real-time feedback, enabling you to take immediate action when sustained high pressure is detected. High pressure can cause skin damage on the soles of the feet, which if left untreated could lead to foot ulcers, infections and, at worst case scenario, amputations.

In the clinical study, the group that received pressure alerts were 71% less likely to re-develop foot ulcers compared to the group who didn’t receive any instant feedback. And the sub-group that wore the insoles for 4.5 hours a day or more were 86% less likely to re-ulcerate.

When worn 4.5+ hours per day, patients saw an 86% reduction in Diabetic Foot Ulcer recurrence based on a recent clinical study.

Custom made for each individual, Orpyx® SI Sensory Insoles includes remote patient monitoring for the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) and neuropathy-related ulcers. These insoles are designed to effortlessly capture plantar pressure, step count, hours of use, and plantar temperature throughout the day.  They will provide you with real-time audiovisual alerts to enable you to take action to resolve high-pressure areas that may lead to tissue breakdown.

The data collected by the insoles can also be monitored by Wasatch Foot & Ankle Institute to identify trends to proactively make treatment decisions to help keep your feet healthy.

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